Reality Games proudly Sponsors: KrakJam 2016 – create computer games in 48 hours

On 29-31 of January, KrakJam 2016 was held at the headquarters of the Krakow Technology Park, the local edition of the “Global Game Jam”, the world’s largest team competition creating computer games simultaneously. Reality Games was a proud sponsor of this years event.

Global Game Jam is an international event in which programmers around the world (divided into time zones)has just 48 hours to make a computer game on a globally assigned topic at the same time. Teams of several people with two days of uninterrupted work are struggling with all the problems associated with creating games. The competition combines specialists in many fields related to the creation of electronic entertainment: designers, graphic designers, programmers, and computer scientists.

The competition tries to integrate the game developers, allow the learning of new technologies, work in a team under pressure, and promote creativity. Gamers from professionals to students to hobbyists create experimental games, which are then tested by the audience. During a previous edition, which was attended by about 16,000 participants, we managed to create 3248 games. The competition annually attracts new artists and this year, more than 20,000 participants from over 60 countries took part in it.

It’s surprising how much the developers managed to accomplish. I personally think that they made it because they were not wasting time. They had to swiftly develop an unclear idea for the game into a design they could work on. Of course, there were some technical shortcuts they used.

Their speed of work was incredible because of good communication within the team. Everyone knew what to do and which task was most important at the time. That was essential for the project. Of course, they didn’t use any special software to manage the team: simply discussing ideas and exchanging notes was enough.

Even though the pressure at times were unbearable, the teams maintained a relaxed atmosphere. Most importantly of all, they had lots of fun.

“I was really impressed with the level of talent that from all participants. Having spoken to many teams, it was apparent that the Krakjammers were people with a calling for game creation. It was great to see lots of cool games being developed under pressure.” – Peter Sas: Director of Business Development – Reality Games

The event is open for participants, fans and the public. For more information about “KrakJam 2016” can be found at:

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