Reality Games’ Big Data Game Engine will Revolutionize the Gaming Industry

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Plug in, grab a controller and sit back as you melt into a world created for anyone willing to pay for the game and prepare to have the same experience every time you hit the reset button. You can also assume that you will lose hours of your valuable time inside the game. Or you can let Reality Games take your free time to a whole other level – the level of you!

To personalize the gaming experience is to profit from the gaming experience. The more engaged a person becomes, the more time they invest, the better the chances of them spending money. Think of this: the global mobile games market is set to expand by almost 30% annually and surpass $41 billion by 2017. The market is at the starting line of a long and potentially lucrative race. But what we at Reality Games understands better than anyone else is that developing mobile entertainment is much like creating a startup: you want to generate traction as soon as possible so you can begin to collect revenue as soon as possible. That said, creating a game can take more than two years of development. A majority of that time is dedicated to creating original content that is unique to that one game. However, implementing real world data in our games provides us with significant and tangible benefits in the reduction of development time and creates a connection to the game that the player is simply not going to get anywhere else.

As of 2016 more than half of all mobile phone users in the world reported playing a game on it in the last month. More than 75% used a service such as Facebook to sign into the game and track scores and compete with friends. There are services such as FourSquare and Twitter that provide real-time updates as to the interests and activities of not only the person playing the game but all of their friends as well. What Reality Games has come to realize – and what will undoubtedly be the future of mobile – is the concept of social media and current event integration into the gaming world. When the idea of playing a game meets the thought that one can show off in front of friends, everyone wins: the winner, the loser and the developer – and especially the investor.

The visionary minds behind Reality Games have devised a simple yet profound method of combining all these different segments of data (including many which are still in the experimental phases) with games that foster a high retention rates while allowing players to do other things simultaneously. Most smartphone users are what is considered casual gamers, which is to say they would rather multitask while taking part in a game. The difficult part – and the main focus of all Reality Games titles – is to have the player interact in such a way that they feel compelled to come back time and again. Our strategy is the key.

To illustrate this point our first title, Landlord Real Estate Tycoon, is similar to Monopoly, where players purchase and collect real world properties. By utilizing APIs from FourSquare and Facebook we are able to integrate social and multiplayer platforms easily and in a fraction of the time. In the game players rack up points by “checking in” to their properties. By making use of available APIs and implementing new ones as they are released we are guaranteed a new and exciting way to update the game and keep players coming back for more!

Currently we are working on a new title, Weather Challenge. In what is ostensibly a game of chance, players earn points by correctly predicting the weather. Because we can pull historical data as well as real time information from and its API, the player can be sure their outcome is accurate and Reality Games can be sure the player is happy.

In other words, we are creating a new genre of mobile gaming based on a powerful game engine that can scale as quickly as those who write the APIs can code. Of course that is not to say we are at their mercy. While we utilize the code for our games we employ dedicated and experienced coders to not only fill in the gaps that the APIs do not cover but also keep fresh ideas flowing. We have begun to change the mobile gaming market and we will not rest until we are number one.

As a side note and proof that Reality Games is at the forefront of a new and exciting digital landscape, Landlord Real Estate Tycoon is rated over 4 stars out of 5 on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play with thousands of player reviews already recorded.

In the future we will have curated a strong and deep platform that can predict what the player needs and with whom they will interact before the player does. To accomplish this, we will use our first few titles as a way to gauge and collect the most basic information, which tends to be the most important. After the initial four each future game will narrow down its focus to collect and use a certain type of information. Ultimately, the data will supply the player with a gaming experience they have never experienced. We can feed facts such as social media “likes”, interactions and even they type of news stories one reads and tailor a game specifically to them.

Now that you know how Reality Games will change the way people interact with the mobile experience, let us focus on what exactly Reality Games is. Reality Games is an upstart mobile gaming studio that develops games based on “Big Data”, that is to say the publicly available information one supplies to any number of online business. The game mechanics are combined with this social media data, as well as from various APIs from every major internet site. Merging these data is done by neural networks layered with deep learning algorithms. In other words, the more the player plays, the better the game behaves. Reality Games is a graduate of the Oxygen Accelerator and an ex-resident at Google Campus London.

We at Reality Games believe strongly that the path to the future is bright, exciting and leads directly through the minds of our developers. We have created a new strategy of game development that will cut the length of time from conception to release by more than 80%. This will lead to a gain in revenues that seems almost unfathomable today. With an eye on the past, Reality Games is cementing itself as the market leader and innovative company of tomorrow.

No one can know what the future will bring, what amazing new advances in technology and gaming will take place. But one thing is for certain: Reality Games will be leading the way!


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