Be Like Donut Trumpet

By October 14, 2016 No Comments

This month will be another landmark moment for Reality Games. On the heels of the success of Landlord Real Estate Tycoon, we are announcing the release of Donut Trumpet Tycoon.

You are about to be transported to a parallel universe where Charles has been replaced by a some dude named Donut Trumpet. In this universe, a freak tornado ripped through Charles’ property right before he was to make his landmark deal that would set him up to become the ultimate real estate tycoon. Instead, a budding real estate developer named Donut Trumpet wins the deal and the juicy government contract. This then propels him to the top of the real estate market.  

What do you need to know:

If you are a late comer to the Landlord Real Estate Tycoon game, you might be a bit disappointed that you didn’t get into the game earlier to pick up those premium properties like the Empire State Building or the Eiffel Tower. In Fight Club and Mr. Robot, they wanted to turn everything back to start. It happened. Donut Trumpet broke into the top secret game control center and pressed the big RESET button. Now everything goes back to zero! The gameplay is pretty much the same as Landlord but there are some additional features that we think you will like. The game economy will be a bit different from Landlord. We are trying some new things out. The money side of the properties will depend on their popularity with users.

What about my Empire

If you are on your national or global leaderboard of Landlord, WORRY NOT. Like we said, the game takes place in a parallel universe. Landlord Real Estate Tycoon will not be affected by the existence of the Donut Trumpet. Both games will carry on in their own time and space. The gameplay is pretty much the same as Landlord but there are some additional features that we think you will like.

This Donut Trumpet dude sounds awfully familiar

Indeed a certain New York City real estate tycoon was our inspiration, but we are in no way connected to him. We are not affiliated to the Presidential candidate nor do we have any stake on the outcome of the current US elections. We would just like to allow our players the thrill of buying up awesome real estate assets from around the world in a Monopoly-like fashion.

We invite you to download the game and if you have some constructive feedback, we would be happy to hear it. Get Donut Trumpet Today!

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